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Cornerstone Personnel Dept Online Training

The Personnel Department's Online Training Portal

The Personnel Department has partnered with Cornerstone to provide 1,700 online courses on its City portal. This includes classes on: technology, leadership, ethics, communication, and more.

Personnel Sept

The Personnel Department's COVID-19 Page

This page provides information about personnel questions regarding COVID-19, workplace safety recommendations, and the emergency telecommuting procedures.

Los Angeles Library

Los Angeles Public Library

The Los Angeles Public Library is pleased to offer training resources free to all city employees. You can grow your skill set with courses on leadership, project management, office tools, management, video production, interview skills, and more. Sign up for a City e-card available to all city employees for access to useful learning resources provided by the public library.


Google Suite

Google's suite of products for City of Los Angeles employees such as Google Mail and Google Calendar are always available remotely while telecommuting from home or elsewhere to anyone with a web browser by visiting Learn more about specific Google apps here.


Microsoft Enterprise Skills Initiatives

To be successful in today’s economy, you need to digitally transform. This requires tech intensity, where tech skills build the confidence to drive productivity, innovation and growth. As part of our strategic partnership, the Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI) is an investment by Microsoft into the technical skills of City of Los Angeles employees. It provides training on a wide range of cloud fundamentals, role-based training and speciality training. Simply login with your work email address and password.

Lynda Linkedin is an award-winning online learning site that offers more than 3,000 courses taught by recognized industry experts, and 150,000 video tutorials on business, technical and creative skills. City employees can gain free access through the public library.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

A completely free resource of learning tools for everyone, khan academy creates personalized recommendations according to the individual, tracks their progress and goals, and inspires them to specialize in the skills required to move on.


Gale Courses

Offers a wide range of highly interactive online courses, led by expert instructors. Courses run for six weeks and new sessions begin every month. City employees can gain free access through the public library.